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Celebrating the 2oth Anniversary re-release of an award-winning storytelling recording . . .


Anne's cd, Hummingbird-Native American Stories, offers a masterful retelling of stories from five different Native American cultures - all with Hummingbird, the Little Wind Dancer, as a featured character.

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Why Hummingbird?  

In Native American stories, Hummingbird is usually seen as sacred and the bringer of sacred gifts, almost magical with its flashing colors and amazing flight patterns.  Wherever hummingbirds range - from the far northern forests of Turtle Island (North America) to the tip of Tierra del Fuego (South America) - every Native American culture has at least one Hummingbird story, however the stories are as elusive as Hummingbird itself.  You have to be very patient - and listen very well - if you want to catch a story of Hummingbird - the Little Wind Dancer!  But when Hummingbird shows up, something wonderful is about to happen and there are deep spiritual lessons as well as excellent entertainment to be had from listening to these stories.

Upcoming Recording Projects:  

  • 2019 - "Tales of N'Dakinna - Our Land" - Abenaki stories from the Northeast Woodlands

  • 2020 - "Native American Stories of Hummingbird - The Little Wind Dancer" - A whole new collection with even more Native American Hummingbird stories!