Storytelling Workshops:

Spread Your Wings and Fly! - Becoming a Storyteller-

     In small-group settings, Anne teaches workshops on how to learn a story and tell it from the heart, using interactive as well as hands-on techniques she has developed throughout her years of teaching and telling stories to many audiences.  Every participant will leave with one story ready to tell and the skills to learn-and tell- many others!  (All workshop materials provided.)

Storytelling Coaching:

becoming an (even better) storyteller!

     Individual coaching sessions with Anne to shape and craft your stories into the best, strongest performance pieces you can offer.  Anne has many years experience coaching performers, such as storytellers, vocalists, and musicians, to help them sharpen their performance techniques.  Sometimes all it takes is a coach who believes in your success - and is really paying close attention to what you're doing - to help you discover the strengths you already have, so that you can bring more of those strengths to every aspect of your performance.  Anne studied storytelling coaching with Doug Lipman, an internationally acknowledged storyteller and storytelling coach (and an all-around good guy!).

Cornhusk Doll Making Workshops:

the doll with no face - a northeast woodlands tradition-

      In small-group settings, Anne teaches workshops on how to create a cornhusk doll.  Every participant will experience success in this hands-on workshop and leave with a doll to take home and a traditional Northeast Woodlands Native American story to share:  The Doll With No Face.  (All basic workshop materials are provided, but bring your own scissors!)










Anne is available to teach workshops and give demonstrations on:  Storytelling, Native American Storytelling, Corn Husk Doll making,

Photo Credit - Anne Jennion

Photo Credit - Anne Jennion

 Birch Bark Container

made by Anne

Photo Credit - Anne Jennison

Photo Credit - Anne Jennison

- as well as Storytelling Master Classes and/or Storytelling Performance Coaching. Email Anne or give her a call.  She'll be happy to consult with your about how best to accomplish what you have in mind.                    


Contact info for Anne:  

(603) 817-8306  

In all honesty, you’ll reach me faster if you email me than if you call me!