Anne Jennison's Bio

Anne has had many wonderful storytelling opportunities over the years, but most recently her favorite ongoing venues are the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, New Hampshire and Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  At both of these museums, Anne has the pleasure of sharing the rich history and culture of the Wabanaki peoples of Northern New England, Quebec and the Canadian Maritime Provinces with many visitors from around the world. 

Our world is filled with thousands of rich cultures, all of which have given birth to their own unique collections of folklore and oral traditions. However, as a professional storyteller Anne chooses to tell primarily the Native American lesson stories that reflect the Abenaki part of her heritage.  Anne explains it this way: 

“Stories from all traditions share the wonder of life and great gifts of humor and wisdom, but for their gentle yet critically important lessons of life, Native American lesson stories are my favorite to tell.  I first began learning Northeast Woodlands stories when my daughters were quite young, to teach them about their Abenaki and Mohawk heritage, and have since expanded my repertoire to include stories from all over Turtle Island”. 

In 1994, Anne earned a Bachelor's degree in Storytelling and in 1996, Anne became possibly the first (only?) person to receive a Master’s Degree in “Bahá’í Storytelling” from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  As part of her storytelling apprenticeship, Anne sought out, listened to, and learned from many Native American storytellers as they shared traditional lesson stories, especially those of the Northeastern Woodlands. 

Additionally, Anne holds an MA in American history from the University of New Hampshire and has taught storytelling workshops & courses as well as American history courses and Native American history courses at both at the secondary and college levels.

Since finishing her post-graduate work, Anne has spent many years as an educator and  professional storyteller who thinks deeply about the cultures, history, and oral storytelling traditions of the world.  Anne considers her time well spent when she has the opportunity to ponder the inner meanings and cultural contexts of stories.  One of Anne's ongoing professional goals is to share Northeastern Native American lesson stories in ways that are culturally accurate, engaging, and warmly entertaining.  

         Photo Credit - Simon Brooks

        Photo Credit - Simon Brooks